Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter paradise

Easter and spring just go along. There's something beautiful about walking around nature and seeing all the green, color and wildlife. For our Easter we went to Zilker Botanical Garden (which is free!!), and were amazed at this paradise that is right outside of downtown Austin.

Adrian's almost as tall as a dinosaur -- well, a plant dinosaur.
There is even a butterfly garden. We saw quite a few large ones, and blue ones.
I look like I'm in a tropical locale.
A beautiful mama tree -- and a lizard!
In the Oriental Garden.
The peaceful and beautiful Oriental Garden.
We love bamboo.
There was even a cactus garden.
Yep, all of this right outside downtown Austin.
We enjoyed some yummy Rita's Italian Ice after our stroll through paradise.

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  1. Lani! Thanks for your comment! How fun that I found your blog that way, looks like you have been having a ton of fun! :)