Monday, June 20, 2011

Inconsistent Blogging

One of the reasons I resisted getting a blog was the time and frequency I felt like I needed to write. Well, it's been almost two months and I feel like a slacker. But I have been doing many things around Austin, like hiking Enchanted Rock, eating German food at Fredericksburg and visiting an awesome bridge by the river. I even went and explored some of the Missions in San Antonio with my friend Naomi. I'm going to slowly add some posts covering all the activities I've done so far.

There are still quite a few outdoor activities I would like to do. I found an awesome deal to go biking on the Lady Bird Lake (yep, on the lake) and can't wait to do that. Other than that, I want to find all the springs, watering holes and places to swim. The weather has been heating up and the humidity increasing. I've decided if I'm not indoor working, I should be outside in water. So stay tuned for photos of my future and past activities. I promise to try to commit some of my computer time to blogging and not just working.

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