Thursday, December 30, 2010

Images of (my) Christmas

Lights in Round Rock. These lights were synchronized with Christmas music.
With all the moving and chaos over the past few months, we decide on a nice relaxing evening; or in otherwords, we didn't plan anything. It was nice to not have the stress of decorating, buying or cooking for the holidays. One thing we did enjoy was the Christmas lights. I don't know what it is, but there's always something magical about driving around and viewing the Christmas lights. And Austin does not disappoint; there is even a list of the best lights in the city. Even though we only made it to a few of those on the list, I think we saw some great displays. My favorite was the house that synchronized their lights to Christmas music. Somehow they used a radio frequency so that cars driving past could hear the music on their radios while watching the lights. I appreciate how much time they put in for all us viewers. 

The tree at Zilker Park.
Now this is a flashy nativity.
The extent of our Christmas decorating. Maybe next year I'll do a tree.

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