Thursday, December 2, 2010

Starting to feel like home

So I have now been in Austin for over a month. Crazy!! It feels longer and shorter at the same time. Overall, very nice. I do feel like this is my new home, especially now that I have an apartment. I'm way excited to not be living in a hotel anymore. And the new place is about twice the size as my one in Salt Lake. Of course, since I don't have a lot of stuff, it's just empty space; But it's my empty space and I like it. I'll take some photos and post them.

As for what I've been doing. I'm am just about done writing my letter of intent (read about that dilemma) and applying to grad school. I've been exploring the city, which is quite awesome. There is so much good food. I want to call out some of them specifically later. There is such a variety. The people are also really nice. I've made some good connections with designer types.

Also, I love that the coldest its gotten during the day is 50, and 30 at night. Sorry to all my Utah friends who have had to fight the snow. I'm pretty grateful I got out just in time :)

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