Monday, December 6, 2010

S'mores in the Austin winter

It's winter!! For Austin that means the temperature has drifted down to 35 degrees — at night. No snow, but there is a frigid wind that makes people head indoors for something nice and warm. Sunday night, Adrian and I decided to head downtown and check out one of our new favorite coffee shops, Halcyon. I love the modern look and artsy vibe of this place; plus, on a previous trip I had noticed they had s'mores on the menu. Since we needed something to warm us up, s'mores seemed like the perfect option. They provide everything needed, even a mini-fire. We enjoyed the whole experience, and there were quite a few people in the coffee shop that did the same thing. This is definitely a unique activity that everyone in Austin should try at least once. I'm sure we'll enjoy this no-hassle s'more cookin' again, especially since I didn't have to worry about my hair or clothes reeking of campfire afterwards :)  

Just trying to get that nice golden coating.

Cookin up our marshmallows.

Adrian enjoyed his s'more.

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