Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Culmination of a lot of work ... and a SURPRISE!!

While putting together my graduate school application I had quite a few moments of feeling overwhelmed. In this blog, I wrote about taking the GRE, writing my Letter of Intent and, finally, actually, writing the Letter of Intent and sending off the application. This whole process was quite different than when I applied for undergraduate schools; I think because I had to be more specific about what I really want to learn and do in my future. Well, all that thinking and hard work paid off — I am accepted to the University of Texas at Austin!!

And, as if things couldn't get any better, last week when I found out about grad school, I also had an interview at an awesome company for a major opportunity. I transferred all my energy preparing for the interview and went in giving it all that I had. While afterward I felt good about the interview, the anticipation of the decision left my mind racing the next few nights. Finally, I calmed myself down enough to enjoy a restful weekend, coming to the conclusion that if it was meant to be, it would be.

When I received a call from Liaison Resources on Tuesday, I received the offer (to be a Marketing Communications Professional/Designer contract employee for Dell) calmly, though perhaps a bit stunned as well. I felt that this was the perfect opportunity for me to grow while also using my diverse skills, but until the position was confirmed mine, I still could not completely embrace this new direction in my life for fear that it may not come to fruition.

Now, my mind has been expanded as to what I can achieve. In two weeks, the direction of my life has shifted in a way I didn't even allow myself to imagine. I had been so stuck in Salt Lake City, just doing what it took to get by and not finding new opportunities to grow, that my mind had still been that way until this new job presented itself. Now I feel like I have grasped on to that same drive I had in college; I know I can do whatever I want — the future has opened up.

I am truly grateful for the guidance and help I receive from my Father in Heaven and family and friends. It's wonderful to have friends and family all across the U.S. and world who believe in me and are willing to give, even just a moment, to think about me and send prayers and good thoughts my way. Thank you all!!


  1. here it is. cover you ears!
    imagine that was me yelling loudly, happily, and excitedly.
    congrats lani!
    I did get you message, I will call you back.
    love you!

  2. Hey Lani! Saw your blog through facebook and decided to check it out! CONGRATS on grad school! Best decision I ever made! Sending you positive vibes! :)

  3. That's awesome. And so similar to what's been happening in my life! The power of the mind (and being young, beautiful and fabulous...)

  4. Thanks Kyrsten. It is an amazing feeling to be on track and moving forward. And you are super right about us :) I'm glad that you are finding opportunities.