Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And now for the bad news

Apparently with good news there also has to be some bad. Adrian's temp job that he was supposed to have for the rest of the month has ended (oh, Utah and it's crazy right-to-workness). It brings up money issues again. We're both trying to work temp jobs till we leave but, obviously, they are unreliable. It just overall sucks because it's money that we needed and were halfway depending on. More stress to add to the pile. I wish that we could head to Austin now and start looking for jobs. I've heard that right now Austin is one of the top places to find jobs. We've already been browsing online and it seems to be true. This situation of job or no job seems to have been a constant in Utah for the past few years. I'm not going too crazy about it because we've been here before and somehow gotten through it. Sometimes you just wish you could fast forward to a solution; the solution being moving. Right now we just have to continue on our schedule and be extra tight with money; and hope that tomorrow brings another job.

And for a little pick me up, here's a video with a perfect message for anytime you're feeling down or going through something.

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