Monday, October 25, 2010

On a new adventure

It's been a crazy week but, finally, I am out of Salt Lake City and on the road towards my new life. Since the drive to Austin is 24+ hours, Adrian and I decided to make it a vacation and spread the trip over three days. For Day 1, we visited Kolob Canyon and Zion National Park. I've lived in Utah for about 11 years and never made it to any of the parks in southern Utah. They are amazing!! Especially during this time of change, it's great to have an opportunity to go somewhere peaceful and just marvel at the wonderful works of nature.

The drive through Kolob Canyon only took about an hour; yet, it had some of the most amazing red rock formations I've ever seen. Around every turn ascending the canyon, the view continued to open up and expose more breathtaking views. I was definitely grateful that we didn't bypass this short, scenic drive.

With only a few more hours of daylight left in the day, we headed to the main part of Zions. Access to the majority of the park was limited to shuttles that went back and forth along the path. The shuttles were actually a very efficient way to see the main views of the park. We even had time to take a short hike up to the Weeping Rock. I wish I had more time to hike up to some of the other sites, especially the lakes. All in all, it was a great first day. Tomorrow, the Grand Canyon. 

Presenting Beautiful Kolob Canyon
Adrian and me in Kolob Canyon

Amazing Cliffs in Zions
Mini waterfall by the Weeping Rock

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