Thursday, October 14, 2010

Up, Down and All Around

Wow. It's amazing how many different emotions you can go through in a day. From getting up and getting ready for the day to stress over living arrangements to coming up with solutions to having a great evening with friends. All that and it's still the middle of the week.

Wednesday brought more ups and downs. The room we thought we were renting in Austin ended up not working out; probably for the best since the lady kept going back and forth. But now we are back looking for apartments. No stress like more stress. The minute I found out, I went into solution mode. I went back online, searching through Craigslist and other apartment sites. I sent out emails and am hoping some of them work out. If not, I do have a back up plan. No matter what, we're moving to Austin and nobody is going to stop us!

I was so glad my friend Oscar had his birthday on Wednesday because it was the perfect excuse to go out to eat and enjoy the company of friends. Sometimes socializing helps to get away from all the troubles. Plus I always enjoy an excuse to dress up. Happy Birthday Oscar and thanks for being born!!

Oscar and me
Adrian and me not thinking about anything serious

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